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Market Leader in German Listed Building Refurbishment

A Unique Real Estate Opportunity

Celebrating 5 Years of Success in Asia

Real Estate Opportunities From One of the Strongest Global Economies

Our Vision

Building on past successes, Dolphin Capital GmbH strives to cement its place as the top real estate developer in Germany. With Dolphin International continuously pushing new boundaries and promoting Dolphin Capital GmbH’s various projects, the group has now been able to take on more ambitious and significant projects. Over the years, the reach of the group has transcended beyond Germany, UK and Ireland and into Asia. The next stage is to further explore the opportunities in the rest of Europe and North America.

In addition to the refurbishment of listed buildings in Germany, Dolphin Capital GmbH also has also a stellar track record in building brand new condominiums and apartments. Dolphin Capital Asia aims to start launching these projects and bring on board a variety of German Real Estate opportunities to their respective focus regions. With this continuous innovation and results, Dolphin Capital maintains its strong branding and looks set for a steady expansion in the region.

Our Mission

Following the rapid developments and immense reception in Singapore, Dolphin Capital Asia is highly focused on building a transparent, secure and an infallible track record in Asia. We seek to expand our sales and operations to the rest of the region and develop marketing partnerships throughout Asia.

Management Profiles

Charles Smethurst

Charles Smethurst

CEO, Dolphin Capital GmbH

Charles Smethurst

CEO, Dolphin Capital GmbH

Charles Smethurst is the CEO of Dolphin Capital GmbH, owner of Nord Invest Holding and the owner of Phoenix Innovation.

After spending 17 years in the textile industry, Charles formed his own financial company and also started work on property developments. After working with Nord Invest Holdings and Phoenix Innovation since 1989, Charles founded Dolphin Capital GmbH, it is one of the top 5 developers in Germany and the market leader in Heritage Building refurbishment. It now breaks through all barriers to be the first German property developer to enter the Asian market. Dolphin Capital GmbH has a stellar track record of more than 12,800 completed units and turnover of €1.8 billion.

More recently, Dolphin Capital GmbH merged with a financial institution listed on the Hamburg and Frankfurt stock exchanges, Four Gates AG. This new acquisition combines the financial and human expertise of both Dolphin Capital GmbH and Four Gates AG, strengthening Dolphin Capital’s presence in the markets. With an enlarged pool of investors and increased opportunities for growth, Dolphin Capital is set to expand its horizon and intensify its reach internationally.

Charles Smethurst